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Haidike has been invited to participate in the HUAWEI Shandong benchmarking training.

date:2018-05-22 16:11:59 category:Company news

In May 21, 2018, HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. held the Shandong entrepreneur HUAWEI benchmarking learning training activities at the HUAWEI base in Bantian. Cheng Guangqi, chairman and general manager of Shandong Haidike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is honored to be invited to attend.

This activity aims at the learning and training of the management staff of the company, guided by Clausewitz's theory of war, and tells how a leader can give full play to its powerful and effective leadership in a team. After the training session, HUAWEI technicians led the company leaders to visit the HUAWEI exhibition hall.

The training has made all leaders shocked by the strong HUAWEI. From HUAWEI's working environment to HUAWEI technology, the interconnection of all things will be able to achieve an enterprise, and the data has achieved the interconnection of all things.